About Dr. Eric

Dr. Eric and his wonderful wife at Green Lakes State Park, NY

There is no officially canonized St. Eric. The medieval Swedes, however, informally honored one of their great kings as St. Eric so perhaps there is hope of one. 

Dr. Eric is neither medieval nor a saint, but he has long found both fascinating. He made his first saint-friend while walking 400 miles on the Camino de Santiago, the traditional Spanish pilgrimage route for St. James. He then went on to study the early and medieval history of the Church at the University of Notre Dame with a focus on charity to the poor and the development of a Christian culture.

Walking the Camino de Santiago, the old medieval pilgrimage route to the traditional tomb of St. James
Note: the crown is a replica. This photo makes no claim of royalty past or present, except the royal priesthood of all believers
Doctoral graduation ceremony with his sister; doctors get okay hats as well

Dr. Eric was blessed to have spent over decade sharing his love of learning with young people in university and high school classrooms, and to walk with them a little in their journeys. There are many unexpected joys when teaching in Catholic schools: mentoring a retreat leader, helping direct a drama production, or watching a teenager discover that they could actually understand part of an apparently impenetrable scientific article.

Currently he works as a freelance editor, writer, and Latin translator in his new company: Peregrine PhD. He lives in upstate New York, where he enjoys hiking, skiing, and simply getting out in the beauty of God’s creation with his amazing wife.